Profitable Fellows is a small, family-owned firm based in Florida that exists to produce scripture wear inspired by an entrepreneurial passion to become a leader for others to follow. Because as we follow Him, we provide opportunities for others to follow… And, since the Lord is our God, the possibilities for divine encounters are endless. Sometimes, it is through demonstration. Sometimes through spoken words. A hello. Sometimes, it is through words written on a garment—a simple, but expertly designed t-shirt—that gets things going.

Although we’ve only just begun this movement, we have been developing the idea of a brand completely devoted to the Kingdom of God for the past nine years. So, we are also fully committed to the truth that as we consistently build the company upon the foundation of providing reasonably priced, high quality products, then we will meet that need.

You can prove us in this.

Take a look at our collection and get one, two, or more… and let’s get the conversation started.